Barbara Besser is a Visionary Artist based in Southern New Mexico. She creates art from inner realms that connect with multidimensional energy. The artwork serves as a catalyst for inner spiritual connection for the viewer. Barbara is a caring and compassionate lightworker...offering spiritual life coaching  in her private and group sessions. 

Barbara...also known as Rev. ANALEIA STARWOMAN has her work showing at THE GOLD STREET GALLERY , The PATHFINDERS TRADING POST and  The Deming Arts Center,  in Deming, N.M.

Barbara offers SPIRITUAL ESSENCE PORTRAITS (see samples in GALLERY) as a way of service to the planet. Each painting is likened to a TRANSPERSONAL MIRROR to the soul of the client. They are unique and beautiful. Please contact Barbara if interested in this opportunity...AND order by mail.

 Namaste and welcome to the  ascension community.



Ascension Activation Art is created with and through Divine connection, by Barbara Besser, a Visionary Artist living in New Mexico.

Barbara paints illuminated forms from interdimensional sources and is deeply connected to pure loving energy.

SPIRITUAL PORTRAITS - Channeled from the soul of the client at the beginning of each session, the unique portrait emerges onto the paper in the specific colors, shapes, symbols and forms that capture that momentary imprint of the client's soul essence.

These penetratingly personal portraits open a window of communication between Spirit and Form. The portrait can reveal with astonishing accuracy a snapshot of your Spirit at the moment in time of the portrait.

































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